About Us

Welcome Alpha Babe!


My name is Leslie, I am a 24-year-old from Houston, Texas and the founder of Alpha & Omega Boutique! My boutique officially launched on November 30, 2018. We are a 100% online retailer for now as I am also a grad student, and Realtor 😅 

Just like you I love fashion and the confidence it makes me feel! All the merchandise in my boutique is handpicked by me specifically for the alpha babe, the fashion-forward women in control of their own destiny. So whether you are the trendsetter, the hustler, the life of the party, the wanderlust, or the social media maven, we’ll dress you from head to toe! My boutique offers a mix of carefully curated clothing, bold accessories, and comfy athletic wear that makes it easy and affordable to be your own fashion icon.

I love my customers and am committed to offering stunning items and an unmatched service.


Thank you for your endless support & happy shopping!






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